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Contact Margaret to commission calligraphy & lettering, discuss a project or learn more about her work and teaching as a Registered Course tutor for CLAS. For commercial logo design see the 'logos & design' page.

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Margaret Morgan is a professional lettering artist and calligrapher, designing unique and exclusive letterforms in both contemporary & traditional styles.

Margaret also leads workshops in many different aspects of calligraphy for all skill levels. She is a Fellow of the Calligraphy & Lettering Arts Society (CLAS) and a Full Member of Letter Exchange.

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lettering design calligraphy
lettering design calligraphy
lettering design calligraphy
lettering design calligraphy



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Margaret Morgan is a professional lettering artist calligrapher, author and teacher working for corporate and private clients in both contemporary and traditional styles. Her background in graphic design, typography and print form the basis for her work in lettering and enable her to advise commercial clients requiring hand-lettering and calligraphy for various projects, including those where time is limited.

Topics covered include:lettering and calligraphy, lettering design and calligrapher, lettering artist and calligrapher, lettering and calligraphy author, lettering and calligraphy teacher, commercial and private calligraphy commissions, commercial and private lettering commissions, calligraphy and lettering, calligraphy and lettering design.

She also organises and runs a Summer Workshop for more advanced students, and teaches regularly in the UK and occasionally abroad.




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