Illuminated letters workshop, Fukuoka Japan 2013

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Margaret Morgan has led workshops for regional calligraphy groups across the UK since 2000 and she is on the list of CLAS Registered Course tutors. Since 2010 she has also taught in Norway, Japan and Germany, with an extensive workshop tour of the USA in 2015 (see Events page).

Workshops or demonstrations can be arranged for calligraphic and arts societies, commercial clients and community festival/education projects. Session length and content can be tailored specifically to the group's requirements and abilities.

All workshops are supported by background material, demonstrations, discussions and one-to-one help.

Teaching ethos

Margaret's teaching is designed not only to help students to study and understand the craft's traditions, but also to realise individual, personal creative goals.

'I like to put forward ideas, demonstrate ways of how they may be experimented with, then encourage each person to develop their own solutions to set excercises. The result is then a product of the student's own intellectual exploration, not a carbon-copy of mine.

For me, calligraphy needs to be more than just visually attractive. It needs to have depth and involvement with the subject matter, so others can engage with and derive pleasure from looking at it on more than just a superficial level, as you would with a favourite painting'.

Calligraphy & lettering: B & W letters sample sheet
Calligraphy & lettering by Margaret Morgan: Neo-classical A



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