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Margaret Morgan's passion for lettering began with the learning of italic handwriting at school. This love of lettering was pursued through art college training in graphic design and typography, graduating BA in 1973.

Years of experience in display and exhibition design, packaging and advertising made a valuable contribution to the partnership with her photographer husband, which was set up in 1980. This offered a complete service of copywriting, photography, design, artwork & print buying for a wide variety of clients. Small calligraphic commissions, both private and commercial, provided contrast in style & content at this time.

Full time work in calligraphy began in 1992 and since then, Margaret has undertaken an interesting and challenging range of both public and private commissions, including writing three books on different aspects of calligraphy and illumination, with a fourth due out 27th October 2009.

She was made a Fellow of the Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society (CLAS) in 2002, and a Full Member of Letter Exchange in 2011.

Recent work explores contemporary creative possibilties using drawn, brush-written and cut letterforms.


1985 - 1994: N West Calligraphers' monthly workshops, with Gaynor Goffe, Gerald Fleuss and others.

1994 - 97: Society of Scribes & Illuminators Advanced Training Scheme, with Hazel Dolby, Margaret Daubney, Gaynor Goffe, John Nash, Sue Hufton and Ann Hechle.

1998 - 99: CLAS Gilding & Traditional Skills course, with Peter Halliday.

2002: City & Guilds 7407 Further & Adult Education teacher's certificate.

2002 (onwards): Master classes at University of Sunderland International Calligraphy Symposium (and elsewhere) with Jean Larcher, Thomas Ingmire, Tom Kemp, Georgia Deaver, Denis Brown, Carl Rohrs, Yves Leterme and Brody Neuenschwander.



2004/5: CLAS Living Letters II

2007: Derbyshire Open Arts/ Open Studios event

2008: Calligraphy ancient & modern. Retrospective exhibition of work 1997 - 2007, Derby

2008: Derbyshire Open Arts/Open Studios event

2009/10: CLAS Living Letters III. 'Small objects of desire'

2012: CLAS Living Letters IV. 'All that glisters' London, Sunderland and Bath

2012/13: Europa Scriptorium, Bayreuth, Germany (and other venues in Germany and Austria).

2014/15: 26 Words: Letter Exchange's 25th Anniversary travelling exhibition.

Margaret Morgan at Sunderland    International Calligraphy Symposium 2007
Calligraphy & lettering by Margaret Morgan: Passion



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